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Grant A Wish, Inc

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Grant A Wish, Inc | Helpfreely.org

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Grant A Wish, Inc is a not for profit, tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization that grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children, since 1981 in the greater Chicagoland/Midwest area, Grant A Wish originally started out as a general wish organization until about 2005, when the organization was restructured to represent the programs we presently have today. We operate a Wish Program, Baby Program, School Program, Food Program and an Annual Holiday Gift Program. But basically, the restructuring was to sum up the organization's mission into viable programs to address specific needs of the community from its earlier days. Our Grant A Wish Baby Program as an example helps economically disadvantaged families with baby equipment & supplies, we giveaway car seats, strollers, cribs, bassinets, baby clothing, toys, books, diapers, and a variety of just about anything you can think of that a infant or toddler up to the age of 5 years old would need. Our other programs are unique in their own right to provide help as well to those in need. We are always working to reach out to others and harness support for our organization. We provide " Gifts That Make A Difference ", which is our motto and we believe in service to others. Together this world is made whole by people who give from the heart for the enrichment of others on a daily basis. We strive to give what we can when we can for the thousands of people that we help each year.

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Our Grant A Wish project is the objectives of the entire organization and its programs. All of our programs are equally important to the community.

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