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Friends of Glynn Animals

Friends of Glynn Animals Brunswick, Ga Inc.

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Here in Brunswick, Ga our animal control is a kill facility. I cannot even call it a shelter. 2 out of 7 county commissioners voted towards a resolution to work with rescue groups towards a no kill county. The others do not stand for it. FOGA sponsors animals at Glynn County Animal Control which allows dogs and cats to be only $25 making the adopter accountable for the other $25. My goal is to raise enough money to be able to post that all animals are sponsored. They are miserable and alone. They deserve a second chance at life and I will NEVER stop being their voice. I dont care who tries to bring me down or stop me.

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Sponsoring all dogs and cats at Glynn County Animal Control. Our local kill facility. Cats/Kittens 5 Dogs/Puppies 49 Fosters 1

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