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Fighting For Ankylosing Spondylitis

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Fighting For Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) provides patients with AS resources, medical equipment assistance, copay assistance for Doctor's and Medications and any support we can provide individuals with AS. We give out care packages through our program Operation: HOPE to patients with extended hospital stays, recovering from surgery and homebound individuals reminding them they're not alone. We raise awareness for the disease putting special focus on women with AS. Our ultimate goal is to be a part of finding a cure for our children and grandchildren who may have this genetic disease.

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Here at FightingForAS we are working on campaigns for Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness month. We are also, trying to initiate change in the way AS is described to the public and medical community. What needs to change is the description or definition of AS it states that it effects men and rarely women. This definition deters women from seeking out an AS diagnosis because they are led to believe it doesn't effect women. This is also still being taught in some medical schools today, and Primary Care Physicians are not testing or sending female patients to a rheumatologist for a proper diagnosis. As it is today, it takes women an average of 10 years to get diagnosed, and they are the lucky ones. Some have gone as long as 40 years or never getting diagnosed at all. If all the women who actually have AS were diagnosed today it would more than likely be an equal ratio of 1-1 between the sexes. We can't do this alone we need you, our supporters behind us and beside us helping us fight for women's right to a proper diagnosis and treatment! Who would have thought in 2016 we would be fighting for women's equality for getting a diagnosis and treatment that she deserves. Early detection and treatment are key in this disease. Thank you for your support!

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