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Ericˊs Earthbound Vets

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Ericˊs Earthbound Vets | Helpfreely.org

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Eric's Earthbound Vets is a startup charitable organization that is on its way to trying to help veterans and their families cope with PTSD and TBI. Our founder is a disabled vet with PTSD who has now decided to try and help others with the same struggles. Our goal is to try and remove the veteran from the pressures of everyday society by getting them into the stress free atmosphere of nature. We encourage the family to also be involved in the veterans recovery process and look to help them too. Please feel free to follow us on twitter @earthboundvets and join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1802227310067090/ Thank you so much for your time

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We are working towards our first outdoor event in March.

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