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Paramount - CA

El Faro Institute - The Lighthouse

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El Faro Institute - The Lighthouse | Helpfreely.org

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The mission of El Faro Institute - The Lighthouse is to better the quality of life of abandoned children, orphans and families from disadvantage communities in the US and Latin America. We accomplish our mission by providing education, mentoring and psycho-social services ans support. Projects in Paramount Ca.: 1. Lighthouse of South LA. Serving homeless by providing meals twice a month and linking them to mental health services and housing resources. 2. Support group for victims of domestic violence and cancer patients. Projects in Tecate, Mexico: 1. Support to existing orphanage: providing caregivers training and psychological support to children. 2. Developing a center for abandoned kids and youth living in the streets.

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We are currently soliciting financial support to enhance a day shelter that serving Kids from the Streets in Tecate, Mexico. The goal of the center is to provide a safe environment where they can find hope and guidance to develop necessary skills to reach their potential. Psychological services, mentoring, and linkage to other services and supports are essential to these children. In Paramount Ca., we are currently helping homeless by providing meals twice a month and offering emotional and spiritual support. We also connect homeless to mental health services and to housing resources. We look to enhance services by increasing meals twice a week and to rent a larger space where they can take showers, rest and receive services and support that eventually will help them get off the streets. .

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