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Curamericas Global has been improving the public health and well-being of populations in remote areas in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa for nearly 35 years. Our mission is to partner with underserved communities to make measurable and sustainable improvements in their health and well being. Curamericas Global is committed to saving thousands of women and children in forgotten communities around the world, having reduced mortality by over 50% in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Liberia. Our programs focus on education, prevention, and establishing relationships with existing health facilities in areas of desperate need. Curamericas Global has a proven, revolutionary and validated community-based approach that is at the foundation of the work done in places where no one else wants to be. Our Community-Based, Impact-Oriented (CBIO) methodology focuses on building partnerships with communities to accurately and efficiently identify major health problems and ensure that services reach every individual in the community. Using this approach, Curamericas Global is able to establish local partnerships, empower and mobilize communities, and create lasting change.

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Our new Kuimei Maternal & Child Health Pilot Project aims to address maternal and infant mortality in Bo District, Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, 1 in 23 women will die from birth-related complications and only half of all births are attended by a skilled birth attendant. This vulnerable district happens to have the second highest mortality rate in Sierra Leone. We use low-cost, evidence-based interventions to train and equip community healthcare workers to provide life-saving care and education to women and community members. The program will strive to ensure that at least 90% of children enrolled in the program have no growth stunting, 80% of children are fully immunized by two years of age, and 80% of children enrolled have less than two episodes each of malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia throughout the duration of the program. Curamericas will also work to assure that at least 80% of women enrolled make at least four antenatal care visits during pregnancy and that 80% of births are attended by a skilled birth attendant. While there is no quick-fix solution for any of Sierra Leone’s problems, by training and deploying local primary health care teams, community health workers, trained traditional midwives, and care group volunteers who are on the ground, Curamericas can better serve the people of Bo District.

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