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Continental Societies, Inc. Dallas

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Continental Societies is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. A group of women who have determined that they would like to service children. We see the needs in the areas of Health, Education, Employment, Recreation plus Arts and Humanities and provide educational programs and services in this area. Special programs address Literacy, STEM, Career Exploration and College Readiness and Juvenile Diabetes.

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WAR- This is a program that was developed at one of our schools that focus our attention on a State of Texas/National Requirement, to improve students daily attendance: The acronym WAR stands for: W- Writing; A-Attendance; R-Reading- Students must have perfect attendance, have NO discipline referrals, must have read a selected number of books or pages, and completed set writing assignments…at the end of each semester, those with perfect attendance……… their names are placed to be drawn to receive a bicycle. Although we solicit bicycles from some of our community partners and make purchases ourselves, we are still not able to provide bicycles to every child with perfect attendance. For them, we have consolation prizes. It is our hope that for the 4th semester drawing, we will have upward of 30 bicycles to award, along with 1,000 books.

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