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Club Esteem, Inc.

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Club Esteem, Inc. | Helpfreely.org

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Club Esteem is a non-profit organization that provides free after-school programming Monday through Friday from 2:30-6:30 PM, as well as summer activities, to students in grades 1 st-12th living in economically disadvantaged communities. Club Esteem offers quality programs that develop academic and social skills in a safe, caring, and structured environment. Our Mission Club Esteem’s mission is to inspire youth from economically disadvantaged communities to embrace the highest standards of academic and personal excellence—instilling in each child a desire to learn, to serve, and to accept challenges. Our goal is to promote active partnerships involving youth, parents, and community, in order to create opportunities that will break the cycle of poverty and enable Club Esteem children to develop into healthy, productive, vision-driven adults. Club Esteem focuses on active partnerships and measurable success outcomes and aims to serve as a model agency for children's' enrichment programs throughout the United States. Our Vision Club Esteem is committed to helping children and their families obtain real and lasting success and create meaningful change in their community. Club Esteem challenges them to dream, hope, and believe they can reach their full potential and accomplish their goals with determination, tenacity, fortitude, and hard work--no matter what the circumstance.

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Club Esteem's Future Professionals Program helps remove barriers to higher education for teens from economically disadvantaged communities, creating an atmosphere for economically disadvantaged teens to have a positive attitude about learning and understanding the opportunities education can provide. Activities include: * Individual tutoring and homework help * Mentoring * SAT/ACT test prep * Assistance completing college applications, financial aid forms, and college trips to several Florida schools * Guest speakers from various professions * Job training through our Teens as Tutors Program. * Participation in Engineering Days at Harris Corporation * Seminars including: public speaking, resume writing, job interviewing, goal setting, financial independence and more * Community service projects such as "adopt a road" * Leadership activities. Club Esteem gives teens who have demonstrated excellence an opportunity to provide tutoring to Club Esteem's younger children through our Teens as Tutors component. Teens receive job experience and earn hourly wages which many use to help support themselves and their family.

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