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Jacksonville - FL

C&L Cunningham Professional Care and Rehabilitation Services Inc.

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C&L Cunningham Professional Care and Rehabilitation Services Inc. | Helpfreely.org

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C & L rehabilitative Services, Inc. is a non profit organization formed to make available a full comprehensive array of services that compliment and assist in addressing the health disparity gap that exists in rural areas and communities of Jacksonville, FL. C & L will provide a series of relevant social and health services for clients to bridge deficient gaps in medical and social family needs. C & L is going to take a comprehensive approach to medical and social services that addresses the healthcare challenges presented to families in the community with high expectations on sustaining and improving the quality of one's life. C & L will help promote and create a nutritional food and healthy eating program that contributes to improving one's overall health.

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Laufende Projekte

Our company is currently working on a project called "chain effect" with chain effect we will provide effective and collaborative professional programs that addresses the common issues of the urban communities such as domestic violence, bullying, healthy living, and education.

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