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New Hampshire

Chelseaˊs Footprints

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Chelseaˊs Footprints | Helpfreely.org

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Chelsea's Footprints helps less fortunate families outfit their disabled pets with wheeled mobility carts. We rely solely on donations from compassionate animal lovers. Since April 2015, we've helped 31 animals walk again (or for the first time!). At times, the tearful owners were faced with euthanasia of their beloved due to a loss of life quality. Gaining mobility gave these sweet creatures a new lease on life -- literally! The carts are built exclusively by Eddie's Wheels in Massachusetts. Each one is custom built for the animal and engineered to feel natural which helps reduce adaptation time greatly. Although most of our cases are doggies, we've helped two goats, one cat, and one rabbit! It all started with Chelsea, our long-haired chihuahua with a neurological disorder rendering her without balance. She can barely stand on her own, let alone walk. Her condition was a result of over-breeding and she was essentially not adoptable without a mobility cart. She crawled across the humane society floor past a group of healthy dogs and into our heart and home. We could not afford a cart for Chelsea but desperately wanted to see her free to roam and play like we knew she could. Another charity paid for Chelsea's cart in full and since then, we've been paying it forward to other families in need. Please help! There are many more needs than donations or volunteers. Thank you so much! --Andrea

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Right now, we are raising money for Casper, a German Shepard in Brownsville Kentucky. His hips and back legs no longer serve him and he needs help badly. Being a larger dog, his cart will be $665. We are still raising money for Zach a 6 year-old golden mix in Croydon, NH. Zach has three legs! His cart has not yet been ordered but will be as soon as the goal is reached (just another $200 to go!) We recently measured a rabbit at the Upper Valley Humane Society and waiting for an estimate from Eddie's Wheels. The most recent animal to be helped was Sadie, a beautiful mix with a deformed paw that has become extremely painful for her -- so much so that amputation was considered. However, Chelsea's Footprints stepped in and paid for a custom made leather boot so Sadie will soon be happily trotting again!

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