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Candyˊs Cats, Inc.

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Candy's Cats incorporated in 2005, with a simple mission — saving cats. We're a no-kill cat rescue based in Central Florida with foster homes in three counties. During the past 12 years, our organization has made a difference by saving thousands of cats. We take in these beautiful, transient creatures and do our very best to provide them with safety, medical care and LOVE. While we openly take in stray cats and kittens in good health, our focus is on saving felines who may not get saved without our help. Your donation to our once a year fundraiser helps us to achieve our goal. The cats and kittens in our care are tested for feline aids and leukemia, provided with age-appropriate vaccinations and spayed or neutered. Most are microchipped, and they’re diagnosed and treated for medical conditions while in our care. We are often called by local shelters to take cats requiring intense and extensive medical care, including surgeries to repair broken bones, eyes, etc.

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