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Care4u Group

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The Care4u Group is a new organization that wants to be providing assistant to low income individuals that are living in poverty. We will be assisting with employment,education,credit counseling,money management savings,food,clothing,personal hygiene care,utilities,discount restaurant, home renovation,healthy living,beauty and barber saloon for people getting employment.voucher for those getting employment to provide them with new clothing for job,Day care for those seeking job or need baby sitting care,After school care,Christmas gift giveaway and weekend getaway trips for those that are low income..

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We are currently working to bring Americans and Caribbeans to get to interact with one another. Lots of Americans don't know about the different Caribbean cultures so having a gathering will introduce to them the different types of music,dancing,arts n crafts and food even the different kinds of accent etc. This will be an event that will bring out children and adults to have a learning and fun experience.

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