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Transforming the Lives of Children, Communities, and Countries Through the Gift of Music… Music Camp International is a program of social transformation through music. It is not so much about developing musicians as it is developing responsible, compassionate citizens. MCI currently works in Romania and Ukraine where both countries are facing the challenge of rebuilding in a post-communist society and establishing peace and reconciliation after two years of war. Widespread poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and rampant inflation leave children as the most unfortunate victims. And resources for children with special needs are simply inadequate to address the magnitude of the need. MCI works with the Department of Social Services and the Ministry of Education to provide opportunities for special children and those marginalized by poverty and social prejudice. Because music goes through different parts of the brain, many children that have difficulty in traditional academics excel in music. And because we provide a unique approach to learning, children with handicaps are able to be integrated into the program. Children from orphanages and foster homes, as well as children with physical challenges are all able to work together and enjoy the success that music gives. The dignity given to each child, regardless of social, economic or academic circumstances, is a gift that changes them for life.

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MCI hosts several music camps each year. Each camp is six days of intensive music involvement in choir and instrument instruction, ending with a spectacular concert accompanied by top symphonic orchestras. The children are inspired to set high goals, develop discipline, focus, and the ability to work together to achieve more than any one could alone. Children are offered a "spring board" to launch a love of music, to inspire them to reach higher. We give them a song in their heart that cannot be taken away. In addition to the six-day Camps, PLUS is the daily after school program that provides educational support and music involvement. We are currently working with many children from the PataRât community, on the outskirts of ClujNapoca, Romania. These children live as the unfortunate victims of extreme social prejudice. They are treated by the educational system as social outcasts and are under-served by a system that has neglected them for generations. PLUS provides literacy development, homework support and life skills, along with instrument instruction, choir, and ensemble participation. We also give them a daily meal. By equipping them to excel in school and inspiring them through music, we are bringing dignity and hope for a better future to these children and their families.

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