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Building Your Legacy, Inc.

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Building Your Legacy, Inc. | Helpfreely.org

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Building Your Legacy, Inc. serves as a positive alternative to crime, gang affiliation, drug and alcohol abuse, and increased high-school drop out rates for under resourced pre-teen and teen boys of the Metro-Atlanta area. Attributable to assistance from various affiliates, Building Your Legacy provides its participants with resources that are inaccessible to them and their families. Through valuable one-on-one mentorship, monthly mentorship dinners, quarterly community service projects, academic development, career planning and outdoor adventures, Building Your Legacy allows fatherless boys an opportunity to form surrogate father-son relationships with positive, responsible, and supportive mentors. Mentees are also affirmed and offered a true sense of belonging.

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Graduating from high school is no small task! Check the Stats: - Atlanta Public Schools’ overall 2017 graduation rate was only 77%. That’s below the state average of about 80.6%. - Georgia has the fifth lowest high school graduation rate among all 50 states. - The achievement gap between children from single-family and two-parent families in the United States is among the largest, at 27 points. In an effort to provide boys with their graduation necessities and lighten the load of single moms who are striving to cover the basic needs of the home, BYL assists graduating seniors with their cap and gown fees, portrait package fees, as well as the purchase of their suits and shoes for their graduations. This year, we are proud to announce that we have five (5) young men who, through perseverance, will graduate in May of 2018. The cost of one (1) graduating senior's package is $130.00. We are currently raising funds so that each young man can stand proud - of himself and his accomplishments - on graduation day. Would you join us in honoring our high-school grads!

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