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Advocate. Empower. Inspire. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Our grassroots nonprofit organization is dedicated to serving women and children impacted by poverty and/or violence – be it local, domestic, or international. Currently with 18 active programs, we are attempting to address community needs in the best ways we see fit – through compassion, advocacy, and change. You can find our programs currently within the Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, Miami, Fl, New York, NY, the Netherlands, Peru, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, & Somalia. Our programs creatively address issues of access to food, clean water, shelter, human rights advocacy & support, domestic violence, health & wellness, education & workforce development to the two largest underserved and marginalized populations on our planet – women and children. We’re eager to work with you and look forward to your support. Join our movement and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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We have 16 active programs: Happy Feet - Giving socks to the homeless so they can reach their next destination ( Skid Row - Downtown Los Angeles, CA) The Birthday Pledge - Donate your birthday to support the nonprofit or partner nonprofits (Global) Every Drop Counts - Providing access to clean waters through support, filters, & wells (Global) Picture Perfect - Photojournalism class in Kibera for children (Kenya) One Net - One Life - Bed nets to address malaria (Africa & Southeast Asia) Be a Good Sport - Donations of athletic equipment & healthy activity (Dominican Republic, USA, & Kenya) Give Our Girls Access - Providing free sanitary napkins so young girls can attend school, instead of staying home while menstruating (Kenya) Soles For Souls - Providing free shoes for people in need (Global) A Field for Hope - Sustainable athletic field (Nairobi) Kept Safe - Sustainable children's home for at-risk youth & orphans (Myanmar) Dollars for Scholars - Academic Scholarships (Kenya) What Can't Be Bought - human trafficking advocacy (Global) Hands-On Technology Summer Camp - computer science & electrical engineering camp 3rd-6th graders (San Diego, CA, USA) The Hope Project - Inspiring hope to women in transition - domestic violence survivors, homeless, etc. (USA) The Anti-Bullying Series - teaching effective reporting, response, & self care (California, USA) Reaching Out Outreach - homeless outreach (USA)

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