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Butterfly Dreams Pageants, Inc.

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"The wings of achievement will take us to new heights." We are a nonprofit organization that provides events and pageants for girl/guys ages 4 and up, who are "Differently-abled". Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with significant intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to learn life skills and build pride in a nurturing environment. We create fun-filled family friendly events throughout the year for the various states and communities where we are located (presently IL, MO, TN, and OK). We encourage our guys and girls to get out of their comfortable chrysalis, spread their wings, show their ABILITIES and participate (pageants, parades, baseball games, outings, volunteer opportunities, etc.) which also promotes inclusions and acceptance within their communities. Butterfly Dreams is a family. Once you are in, you are in for life.

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We presently host an annual pageant and several events in 4 states (Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Oklahoma). Our dream is to see Butterfly Dreams in all 50 states being offered to all individuals who want to spread their wings and fly. During the pageant (which essentially is the cherry on top of the entire year), all participants (guys and girls) receive an accolade for overcoming fear and embracing courage on stage in the spotlight. Each participant is teamed up with a same gendered typically developing PAL (Person Assisting with Love) for all aspects of the event. All receive their Miss/Mr. America type of moment in front of hundreds of their friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc. We are completely volunteer run and sponsor/donation funded. Everyone involved donates their time, services, and expertise simply for the smiles it provides. Each pageant costs approx five thousand to host (including venue, awards, t-shirts, gifts, food, etc.). Needless to say its a massive undertaking and we need help to continue our efforts.

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