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Angelˊs Power Ltd.

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Angel's Power ltd provides donors, advocate's and volunteers with the organization they require to end the cycle of child abuse within the family and be the catalyst to effect change both socially and legally. Angel's Power Ltd. provides emergency, temporary shelter to victims of family molestation, their family and pets. We give victims and their non-offending family members the supportive services they require to become happy, healthy, productive members of the community again.

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Angel's Power Ltd. is working on relocating the Danielle House, the shelter, to a fourplex in the Las Vegas Community. Our shelters will consist of a unit with 24/7 security, that is gated to get into the housing area there will be a buzzer that goes straight to security that is on the premises, then to the Director of Security and then to the proper authorities if needed. There will be individual and family counseling sessions on the premises. Each family unit will be able to stay at the Danielle House for up to one year, where they will be giving services such as mental and physical well being, parenting classes, victim education and prevention and other supportive services including long term housing opportunities.

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