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Angels Among Us

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On June 17th a young mother by the name of Amanda and her three small children were in a car accident. At this point it's heartbreaking to think of what may come of this. Only thing we can do primarily is pray. As a family member, friend, neighbor, and as a community prayers go a long way. We, Tipton County Buzz, has come together in the past on numerous occasions to help those in need. Its time to do it again. Sometimes we should never ask "is there anything I can do" we should just do it. We may not be able to help everyone, but everyone can help someone. We are not sure what lies ahead for this family but we can make it a bit easier. Anything big or small will definitely help contribute to exspenses they may face and will be greatly appreciated. Whether it's a donation or even a prayer it will be accepted. For every sunrise hold more promise as every moonrise hold more peace.

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