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All About Goals - Kings Basketball

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All About Goals - Kings Basketball | Helpfreely.org

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Established in 2001 by Arthan & Peggy Gilder, All About Goals - Kings Basketball serves kids who want to succeed in academic as well as athletic endeavors. What initially began as a pure sports group over the last decade has grown into a multifaceted organization that coach’s basketball as well as gives individual sports instruction for all sports and provides college prep advisement to High school students and their parents. Within our Organization, we feel “If you don’t know, You can’t grow”. So we expose our student/athletes to arenas they would normally have access to. We do this to prepare and motivate them for a bright future that is very attainable. Our Mission is to provide an environment that will compliment and enrich the overall quality of all participants’ athletic and educational experiences. We will be the leader in providing opportunities that encourage the pursuit of lifetime activities, a sense of commitment and teamwork, and the development of personal character while maintaining an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among its student athletes and all participants

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