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ACG Hands Of Hope

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ACG Hands of Hope Mission is to provide relief from abandonment, hunger, natural disasters, and lack of family to members of the Louisiana community. We will raise our community up to be stronger, healthier, and happier through donating to local organizations that strive to make our community a better place to live. By aiding children without families, or families that have lost everything in order to give them a second chance.

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ACG Hands of Hope will provide support to those who need it the most within rural Louisiana communities by donating to local organizations that exist to improve the lives of those living under the poverty line. ACG will also offer its own in-house programs and initiatives in collaboration with different stakeholders on a local and state level with the core target beneficiaries being: -Rural Louisiana communities where a large percentage of families with children live below the federal poverty line. -Children living in foster care and orphanages that have been abandoned. -Families living in shelters due to lack of adequate housing -Families with little to no food or other provisions to provide a balanced nutritional meal to household members -Families affected by natural disasters -Any individuals or families that need help through hard times.

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