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3-11 Youth Housing

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We develop safe, affordable housing for youth who are homeles and partner in their transition to healthy interdependence.We have a vision for a community where all youth have a place to call home, where every person is valued for their contribution to the community, and where youth empower each other to make lasting changes in their lives.

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We are excited to announce that we are partnering with organizations in the community to open two more houses in 2016. While this is incredible, it quadruples our operating expenses, from $34,991.66 in 2015 to $151,343.52 in 2016. 3:11 Youth Housing is not just another program. It is not a way to change who someone is at the core. It is not meant to help poor souls achieve. It is not a rescue mission. 3:11 Youth Housing is a safe place. We are about life transformation. We invest in the whole person, empowering youth to use the gifts God has already placed in their lives. We build on the amazing work already being done in Grand Rapids by connecting with organizations throughout the city. We use a model that is proven to impact and more importantly, empower.

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