MIAR - Movimento de Intervenção Animais de Rua

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We are MIAR – Movimento de Intervenção em Animais de Rua. Our focus is to provide care to street animals. In Portugal, most cats who live in urban environment aren’t feral, they are the consequence of their owners irresponsibility in many forms, i.e, unwanted litters and voluntary or negligent abandonment. Adoptions are, most of times, done without any selection criteria that take into account the effective protection of the adopted animal. Many times, people who adopt don’t have the financial, psychological, logistical or even the character to keep the animal. Often, after an initial period of adoption, it is abandoned. We aim to support these animals through a network of caretakers, who manage the colonies and identify their needs. Our affiliated caretakers support more than 250 animals and providing adequate feeding, and veterinary care is a constant struggle. Our ability to support so many expenses is limited. Don't look aside, help us help a street cat.

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