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South African born JP Skinner and Dutch wife, Renate Vink, have been collecting second hand clothing and donations for Orphans in Southern Africa since April 2006. They have a registered Foundation in Haarelem, the Netherlands named Stichting SOSA (Support Orphans in Southern Africa). There are many children in Southern Africa that have lost parents due to HIV/Aids. The orphanages and organisations that give these children a home need as much support as possible. IBAN: NL48 INGB 0007360486 KvK number: 55511953 (Chamber of Commerce) ANBI reference: 8517.45.258 (tax deductible). All board members and ambassadors work on a voluntary basis. No-one receives any salary for their support given to SOSA. 'For the children and only for the children'.

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10th March 2016, Gauteng, South Africa SOSA Support Ambassadors, Rene and Gary Kairuz picked up 20x Close the Gap educational computers from Ricoh South Africa. Ricoh and Close the Gap (an international non-profit organisation aims to bridge the divide by offering pre-owned computers to developing and emerging countries) have a partnership for the Belgium based organisation. Close the Gap are able to distribute the educational computers from the satellite throughout South Africa. The computers will be donated to local projects and orphanages.This was all made possible by the generous donation from Ricoh Netherlands B.V. (Raising the Next Generation). Together with the educational computers, SOSA Support continue to purchase groceries and supplies for organisations requiring support for the children. Through the donations received, 100% is used to make these purchase with full transparency made available by JP's family in South Africa. “Baie dankie” “Ngiyabonga” “Alvast Bedankt”

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