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Stichting Kashi Mandir

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The foundation Kashi Mandir in the Netherlands tries to help teachers and children by collecting money for teaching materials, school uniforms, schoolfurniture, better classrooms, modern technology as a cd-player and computers (for better teaching en better communication with our foundation);Our mission has been written down in the statutes of the foundation and registered in the Chamber of Commerce. Together with our personal motivation this means practically for the daily work ;1. These children are our ‘guests’, because we believe it is a good idea to do something positive in this world; 2. We believe that education is the key to development: in Europe and in India as well. We join the second UN-millennium-goal: All boys and girls to school! And we help to drive back child-labour at the same time; 3. We can not help the whole world but we think it is a very much effective way of helping directly on a small scale with what is possible;4. If we are able to help only one child , give him a good and proper education, he will have a better start in life than his parents ever had. Till now we helped already much more children than one! ;5. Make the difference between a life with or without a view to the future; 6. We think: supporting a small project without a big money-spending organisation is very effective; 7. We are also motivated by an old Chinese saying: Give a man a fish and he can eat, give him a fishing-rot and he will be able to feed his entire life.

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Laufende Projekte

In February 2020, we will work on renewing the contacts, controlling finances and making plans for the coming years is the goal. The school is in good shape: more than 330 children frequent the school, some 150 more in the annex settlement in Beniganj. This settlement has become an independent school now. People of the villages Beniganj and Bamnora took the initiative themselves. From July 2018 the foundation redraws more and more and the school will continue to grow to fully independence. The financial situation of the school is very much ok now and approved by government registered auditors every year. In the last months we made up and concluded a new contract for the schoolyears 2019-2023. That is the period of growing to full independence of the school. The reserve funds of the foundation will be remitted to Kashi School in this period to be sure that the transition can be done successfull. The foundation will still have its advising and counselling role in these years and may be after that too. Several scenarios have been discussed with staff and committee to consolidate what has been achieved over the years. By this we can be sure that the investments of our donors and of our energy of the past years will remain. Walking in the village and talking with people we noticed that Kashi School has become their special school: villagers are proud of it! They feel that they own the school.

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