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Our mission is to establish self relying projects in order to help poor families in rural areas in several Third World countries. We train people in conservation agriculture and faithful stewardship of their land, family and finance. We invest in local people. We train, coach and monitor, but don’t take over. It's done by local people for local people. Our passion is to offer people a chance to step out of the circle of poverty, simply because they are worth it. We were established as a Christian foundation in 2006 and work in India, Thailand, Cameroon, Malawi and beyond. Let's fight poverty together!

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At present we are establishing an agricultural training center in Bamenda, Cameroon. The training center offers place for 20 full time trainees. Trainees will mostly be local farmers or representatives from the local communities. The center will hold demonstration fields, to show how to go about this new way of organic farming Most Cameroonians depend on agriculture, but many are malnourished and have low yields. Through our training in conservation agriculture things can change! If faithfully applied it can result in a double to four-fold harvest in the first season! Talented farmers will be invited and enabled to become trainers themselves. Multiplication by sharing.

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