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War Divides, Music Connects. Founded in 1999, Musicians Without Borders is a global network organization of musicians, individuals, partnering organizations and music advocates. We are dedicated to empowering musicians as social activists and young people as change makers. We use music as a tool to build connections, foster empathy and shape communities. Studies have shown that music is a powerful tool that can influence behavior, shape culture and strengthen social bonds. We use music as a means to address the needs of societies divided and affected by conflict. Musicians Without Borders programs impact thousands of young people every day through music. Working in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, we are dependent on the support of our generous partners, individual donors and private institutions. We are currently active in Kosovo, Palestine, Greece, Northern Ireland, Germany, Rwanda, Uganda, El Salvador, Italy, and the Netherlands. Our professional staff and trainers are specialized in developing sustainable community music projects for people affected by war and conflict.

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Mitrovica Rock School – In post-war Kosovo, aspiring young rock stars meet across divides at the Mitrovica Rock School, where it’s all about the music. Palestine Community Music – Training youth and young professionals to bring music to marginalized children in West Bank refugee camps, villages, schools, hospitals and orphanages. Rwanda Youth Music – Introducing music therapy, training and community music activities to empower youth and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Community Music for Community Health - Uganda - We’re training youth leaders to use the power of music to address the effects of HIV in young people. Soy Música – El Salvador – Training Salvadoran music teachers, community leaders and youth to become community music leaders and use music as a tool to promote inclusion and social harmony. Welcome Notes - Training of musicians to lead community music activities in emergency reception shelters for refugees in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Music Bridge – Bridging divides in Northern Ireland with community music training and activities. Art 27 - Europe - A coalition of arts organizations for an open, welcoming Europe for newcomers and other vulnerable people in our diverse societies.

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