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If you want to know how to translate Instagram stories, you are in the right place. We tell you! Of the 500 million profiles that publish stories every day on this social network, not all of them write in your language; That's why we tell you how to translate Instagram stories, so you don't miss any details of what your favorite accounts publish even if they do it in another language! This novelty was announced by Instagram in July 2021, and it will be gradually incorporated into both Android and iPhone. But, before telling you how to translate Instagram stories, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why you may not have this option activated yet: • That you do not have updated your version of Instagram. • That the language of the text in question is not among the 90 that the application translates (Spanish is among them). • That the text of the story you want to translate has not been written directly in it. That is, if it is an image with embedded text, the application will not be able to translate it, for example. HOW TO TRANSLATE INSTAGRAM STORIES Now yes, once you are clear about the previous points, we will tell you how to translate Instagram stories. You will see that it is super easy! Source: https://storiesdown.com

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