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Health[e]Foundation is committed to establish sustainable methods of training for healthcare workers on patient management and care, including disease prevention. We achieve this by means of a blended learning concept, which strengthens healthcare systems in resource limited settings.

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We are happy to announce that our Refugee Care[e]Education is now officially online. The online course is freely accessible so all healthcare professionals all over the world will be able to provide the best possible care to displaced persons and refugees. The Refugee Care[e]Education course concentrates mainly on the mental health problems Syrian refugees are facing today. It will provide healthcare professionals with background information and help them to adequately recognize mental health problems, and if necessary refer to the right support system. The information is offered in an e-learning course including 4 modules, guidelines and references, video’s and test questions. The course is provided in English (in the near future an Arabic and French version will be launched). All healthcare workers and other professionals have unlimited access to the course. Go to the following link to enter the course and you can start immediately without registration! http://www.healthefoundation.eu/courses/refugeecare

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