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CoralGardening is a non-profit foundation that focusses on protecting and restoring coral reefs. Together with donators, partners and sponsors we build attractive artificial reefs that provide habitat for marine life where we farm corals on. While creating these sculptures gardens with local community and tourists we educate about the ecosystem of coral reefs. Divers can take their diving skills to the next level by placing the sculptures under water, transplanting coral on the sculptures and use special designed sculptures to practice their buoyancy skills. The CoralGardening Academy also gives presentations and educates people about the importance of coral reefs. We work with local communities, tourists, business and students. Anyone can be part of our CoralCommunity and make a positive impact on our ocean. Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful natural areas! They are spectacular to see, as if you are entering a different world. You can encounter hundreds of species of fish. From the famous clownfish, turtles, rays, seahorses, nudibranchs to sharks. In addition, you can also see dozens of different species of coral in all shapes and colors. Corals are also essential for the well-being of humanity and nature. They serve as coastal protection, provide shelter and are nurseries for many species. But despite their importance, coral reefs are threatened worldwide. This is why CoralGardening is stepping up to protect and restore coral reefs.

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Our current project: a CoralGarden in Koh Tao, Thailand. Join us! Koh Tao is a beautiful tropical island in the Golf of Thailand. The island is renowned for its beautiful coral reefs and a huge variety of under water life and attracts lots of divers and snorkelers. But it are human causes that have severe effect on these coral reefs. CoralGardening aims to reduce the human impact on the reefs to protect Koh Tao's coral reefs by education and advice about sustainable solutions to local challenges. Together with local community CoralGardening restores damaged reefs by building artificial reefs, which serves as a habitat for marine life and a hard substrate for coral to grow. CoralGardening works with local coral experts and universities. Early 2016 CoralGardening started with the creation of the first CoralGarden, and you can be part of it! Donations are used to buy materials locally and for placing the sculptures under water. Local community and volunteers join forces to realize the CoralGarden. Sculptures cost between € 800 and € 2.000 each. With € 25.000,- we can create the designed CoralGarden. Join us building the CoralGarden with your donation!

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