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Amsterdam Mamas is a not-for-profit foundation that provides reliable information and support for international parents in Amsterdam and the surrounding regions. We foster an environment that is: Inclusive: we welcome everyone. Non-judgmental: make sure that parents and families have the best information, on a wide variety of issues and standpoints Supportive: we know that even in the city, it takes a village. What We Do • Maintain a highly active website and Facebook forum • Organize annual events and monthly meet-ups • Deliver weekly newsletters • Provide support to parents in need (while protecting the parents’ identities) • Run an activities database and business directory Facts and Stats • Our membership comprises almost 100 different nationalities. • Amsterdam Mamas has over 12,000 mamas and papas members on its Facebook forum. Over 45% of our members visit our website at least once a week. • The Weekend Round Up newsletter has around 5,500 readers. Over 40% of our community read our newsletters weekly. • 500+ participants attended the 2014 Vintage Tram Ride Christmas event and tickets sold out in less than 24 hours!

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