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Equoevento is the new solution against food waste! Did you know that almost 1/3 of the delicious food offered at social events go trashed? What if we could save this food, help the environment and help those in need? This is exactly what Equoevento does! We collect gourmet food in excess from big social events such as conventions, sport competitions, weddings, etc., and distributes it to shelters and the homeless, transforming inefficiency into a resource for society. Through a unique and simple action we: - provide the needy with delicious and nutritious food, the same food offered to guests of important social events - respect nature and environment, promoting an efficient use of resources and preventing that abundance turn into waste - give everyone an opportunity to share their wealth, resources and food with those that are in economic need, encouraging solidarity and generosity. In less than two year we participated to 300 events saving around 150.000 meals distributed to shelters and homeless, feeding around 50.000 people. These are the results of just one organization active in just three cities in the word: Rome, Milan and Turin. Multiplying these results by the numbers of events in the world the impact is amazing! Equoevento could reduce drastically hunger and food insecurity in every city of the world. In order to do this, we need your support too!

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After Italy, Equoevento is opening new offices in Spain and France! We really want to provide events' organisers, hotels and caterers a new solution against food waste in every city of the world! Your support will help us buying all that is necessary to start a new office: a refrigerated van, food containers, gloves, insurance...

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