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Spirit Radio is upbeat and uplifting, entertaining and inspirational. We play the best contemporary Christian music – plus a selection of positive mainstream hits. Our news and talk has Christian voices speaking on the issues of the day. The programming is family friendly and geared to appeal to those who have an active Christian faith and those who are searching for something more. At the heart of the Christian Gospel is the message that God has sent his son Jesus Christ to redeem us and bring us into a relationship with himself - this is the Good News that Spirit Radio communicates. Spirit Radio is bringing Christians together from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Spirit Radio is Ireland’s only Christian radio station with a licence to broadcast on high quality FM. Currently we are broadcasting in all the main cities and many of the main towns. However we want to extend our transmission to another ten locations across the country. When you use ‘Help Freely’ you are helping spread Good News Christian radio. When you use ‘Help Freely’ to support Spirit Radio you are helping bring the life changing message of the Gospel to people in homes cars and offices across Ireland.

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