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We are committed to helping poor and deprived people in Africa by funding the construction of schools and improvements in health The work done so far: Over the past 8 years we have raised funds to build six primary schools and one secondary school in Sierra Leone. We have also sponsored five people to further their education and qualify as nurses. We raised €15,000 to purchase a generator for a hospital in Lunsar. During the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone in 2014 and 2015 we continued funding the building of schools but were unable to visit to see our money at work so we went to Malawi and Cameroon where we built a shelter for street children and a primary school, respectively. In Koano Primary School, Cameroon we gave the school laptops. This school caters for 200 students.

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This year we successfully opened the Liam Manley Primary School in the remote village of Mange Acre, Sierra Leone. Up to now the children in this village attended a school under a mango tree, which is not ideal as Sierra Leone is a tropical country where it rains for six months of the year and there is extreme heat in the remaining months. Now the students benefit from a school building with a zinc roof which is waterproof so it can be used all year round. The building of the school has also created employment in the village during construction. All money raised for this project went directly to the building of the School only. We have funded the building of a water tank in Efah Village, Cameroon

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