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Polio Survivors Ireland (previously known as the Post Polio Support Group) works to maintain the independence and dignity of polio survivors, supporting them at work, in the home and otherwise. We are the only organisation in Ireland providing essential services to polio survivors. We were established in 1993 by polio survivors for polio survivors. Our Core Objectives are to create awareness and provide information on the needs of polio survivors and on Post Polio Syndrome and to support and advocate on behalf of all survivors in Ireland. While polio is gone, it is thought that 7,000 survivors are still living in Ireland, many of them suffering with the impact of the disease, or from Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) or Late Effects of Polio. Post Polio Syndrome can strike as many as 40 years after the original illness, causing pain, reduced mobility and a severe intolerance to cold.

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Many polio survivors spent a great deal of time away from education which impacted on their ability to work. Some have been lucky, but there are those for whom the cost of a winter heating bills is a major worry. We provide a grant to financially vulnerable members, which helps them with the high cost of their heating bills. Approximately 300 people around Ireland will benefit from the allocation of a heating grant towards their bills. This makes a significant difference to polio survivors, who might have to choose going to bed in the early evening rather than staying up and struggling to stay warm. Going to bed early increases the social isolation often felt by polio survivors, who cannot get out of the house very often. The Winter Heating Grant means a great deal to those who benefit.

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