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Irish Seed Savers is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of Irish heirloom seeds, grains, vegetables and fruit. We have been in existence since 1991.We exist to conserve Irish plant genetic resources. Not just for the sake of Irish heritage but for biodiversity and Ireland’s food security. Within our Seed Bank we have 800 varieties of open pollinated heritage seeds including 50 varieties of potato, which is significant for Ireland given it's history of famine, caused by an over reliance on the Lumpar potato variety. When the Lumpar variety was wiped out by the blight virus, there was no alternative variety, meaning that the main staple of the Irish diet was wiped out. Another variety existed in Co Kerry called the Bute variety which saved many lives. This historic tragedy is proof that diversification of seed varieties prevents famine. A lot of these important heirloom varieties still exist thanks to the help of people like you and without further support; we may not be able to get the message out in time to save them.

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