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i-Smile is a not-for-profit organisation set up to reduce social isolation, increase confidence and participation of migrant women in mainstream society through connecting them to support programmes and networks that enables them develop the capacity to create their own positive future. Through our projects - Women's Oasis, Mulhuddart Walk and Talk Group and eWomen in Enterprise more women are better engaged in their community and experience increased physical and mental health, improved confidence and become active economic contributors in their homes.

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Women's Oasis: An initiative set up to provide a platform where women's hearts are nourished and their lives enriched. We meet monthly to learn, find support, grow, brainstorm problems, discover new ways of doing things and encourage each other to greatness in a supportive and fun setting eWomen in Enterprise: This aims to give members the confidence and reassurance they need to be their own bosses through bespoke enterprise training, mentoring and peer group networking Walk & Talk Group: It aims to reduce isolation, promote integration of diverse cultures and provide networking opportunities while getting fit at the same time i-Smile Drama group: Through the use of drama, i-Smile helps women to build confidence and skill in a fun setting. The drama also provides social awareness about social issues and conflicts from different cultures all over the world

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