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Friends Ireland is a charity aimed at bringing communities together through low cost classes and meet ups around Ireland. We aim to tackle social isolation. We offer an area where people can come and sit with others or just in silence. Our volunteers are always on hand to offer a listening ear and we assist people in whatever way we can. This includes areas such as translation for foreign languages, form filling, job searching, and much more. Our vision that loneliness and isolation is eliminated and everyone has a place to go to to begin their journey of empowerment. Social inclusion and positive mental health are both areas which Friends Ireland strive for through the work that we do. People may enter our community presence as strangers but we aim to ensure that they leave as friends, feeling that they no longer have to walk their path alone, whatever that path may be. No one should struggle alone. We have a charity shop at the front of our classroom and funds from this to towards our classes and get togethers. The shop is also another area where the community can get involved so that they can meet others in their area. Our classes are run by volunteers and many attendees of these classes often continue on to teach a class of their own!

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Laufende Projekte

Friends Ireland currently have a base in Tuam Co. Galway. It is our vision that every town in Ireland have a base so that all members of society have somewhere to go to rather than having to make contact online which is very often the case at the moment. We remove barriers such as cost and accessibility and hope that soon we will have transport to allow persons who may not have a means of travel to be able to attend our classes and meet ups. All of our fundraising efforts go towards growing our charity to be the best that it can be and reach out to more and more people on a daily basis. We aim to continue until all members of society have somewhere to go to share a problem and empower themselves to work on their future.

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