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Doras Luimní is an independent non-profit organisation with offices in Limerick and Portlaoise, providing support and assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland. For the past 15 years, we have worked to promote and protect the human rights of all migrants through our direct support, advocacy and integration development. Our support services include advice and legal information; resettlement support for refugees; housing and social welfare assistance; support to victims of trafficking and women exiting prostitution; English classes and parenting support programmes. Doras Luimní advocate with and on behalf of migrants on refugee protection, anti-trafficking, and anti-racism issues through local and national campaigning. Our vision for Ireland is a society where equality and respect for the human rights of migrants are social norms.

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We operate a drop-in centre, available to all three days per week, where our case-workers can provide advice and legal information on immigration-specific issues, rights and entitlements. We offer resettlement support, housing and social welfare assistance to refugees and people transitioning from Direct Provision, Ireland's system of accommodating asylum seekers and refugees. Our dedicated anti-trafficking unit provides specialised assistance to victims of forced labour and sexual exploitation. People who have experienced or witnessed racism are supported by our case-workers and assisted to report and follow-up on cases with the relevant authorities. With the help of our dedicated team of experienced volunteers, we also offer English classes twice per week to people with limited or no English language skills - helping them to find their way in their new home!

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