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Dominic Morrogh Trust

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Dominic Morrogh Trust | Helpfreely.org

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Dominic Morrogh, a husband, father, son, brother and friend to many people, sustained a brain injury accident in May 2011 On a bright, sunny Spring morning, Dominic arrived at Dollymount Strand for another day of doing what he loved – kite surfing. It was a day that would change his life – and the lives of many others – forever. Dominic sustained a traumatic brain injury in a terrible accident, and fell into a minimally conscious state, where he remains today. He is currently a resident at Donnybrook Royal Hospital, which is a very caring and positive environment for Dominic and his family. In the years since his accident, Dominic has benefited from the amazing support of family and friends. While Dominic has not been able to engage his body in physical activity, his circle of supporters have worked actively at keeping his body strong, and to do everything possible to aid his recovery. The Dominic Morrogh Trust was set up as away to fund those things which are essential to give Dominic a good quality of life, Funds raised are used on the various therapies required on a regular and ongoing basis and any therapeutic aids.

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