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Dublin Deaf Women's Group was set up on the year 2013. To encourage deaf women in Ireland to socialise, to empower them to be able to access information, and to build up their self-confidence. a. The Aims of the Group are: i. To bring deaf women together at social events where Irish Sign Language is used. ii. To organise information meetings on health--‐related and other relevant issues for deaf women in Ireland. iii. To promote cooperation within the Deaf community to achieve its aims. b. The Group pursues these aims by i. Arranging meetings for members. ii. Working to promote the status of Irish Sign Language. iii. Working to promote access for Deaf women. iv. Promoting culturally accessible services through ISL for Deaf women. v. Organising activities for children, adolescents and women. vi. Informing the community of the services provided by the Group. vii. Informing the community of the needs of its members.

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We provided monthly information meeting covering important issues listed below through our first /preferred language, which in Irish Sign Language. Mental Health Women Empowerment Health issues Nutrition Health Heart Irish Deaf Society Roadshow Osteoporosis Meningitis Thyroids Irish Sign Language is a visual and natural language. Each country has its own sign language so it is not a universal language as frequently thought. Like any spoken language, ISL is a language with it own rules of grammar, syntax and structures. ISL is not just using the hands; it is also using the facial expressions, space and body language. The vast majority of the Irish Deaf Community use ISL as their first and/or preferred language. We need access to the services or information or lectures or presentations by providing Irish Sign Language interpreters. We the deaf women need to understand their well beings, their deaf/hearing children's future by education, sports & social events, sharing knowledge and communication.

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