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Daisyhouse Housing Association

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Daisyhouse Housing Association | Helpfreely.org

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Daisyhouse is a non-government funded charity and Approved Housing Body, providing 18 months Supported Temporary Accommodation with uniquely tailored Personalised Support Programmes to homeless women. Our residents are women who are homeless as a result of domestic violence, sexual abuse, ill health, human trafficking, addiction, relationship breakdown or loss of income etc. In most cases, they are homeless as a result of a combination of all of these. Our 26 years’ experience shows that these women need ‘support, time and a safe space’ to move forward from the traumas of their past to rebuild their lives.
Daisyhouse's mission is to provide homeless individuals with the skills and confidence to live independently through the provision of secure, affordable, high-quality Supported Temporary Accommodation with a unique Personal Support Programmes and permanent social housing.

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