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Barbarian Budgie Smugglers

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Barbarian Budgie Smugglers | Helpfreely.org

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The aim of the Barbarian Budgie Smugglers is to raise over €60,000 to build a new school in Kenya for children from a chronically impoverished area. We have issues and challenges in Ireland with our education system but we have to put this in context, these children have nothing, no shoes, a few books and little hope of being able to break out of the chronic poverty cycle. These children have 1 chance to break our of this cycle and that is to attend school and get a good basic education. Today they attend school in small wooden shacks with dirt on the floor, no proper desks, chairs, books and no toilets. There are now 4 members of the "Barbarian Budgie Smugglers" who for the last year have been training hard in an effort to swim the English Channel in the next few days, weather permitting and in doing so raise enough funding through donations to build this school in Kenya. All of the funds raised will go towards building the school.

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In short at some point in the next week (hopefully, as it is weather dependent) at around 3am, we - Jonathan Turner (Bowline Capital Partners & Northpoint Partners), Mike Grodner (Atmore Properties), StefanTzvetkov (ex Mid Europa) and Mark Kellett (Magnet Networks) - will start out on a journey of 34km across the English Channel, each wearing nothing more than a pair a Speedo's a hat and a pair of goggles. Our goal is to raise enough money to build a school in one of the most desperately impoverished areas of Africa. Myself, Mike and the team have pledged 50% of the £60,000 needed to create a modern working school for over four hundred children. We need your help to raise the other 50%. The children of Maritati Village School are currently housed in dilapidated wooden and old stone buildings that are not fit for purpose: they have no windows, partial doors and dirt floors. With your help we can give the children a new school and give them a chance at a decent education. This is in our view an opportunity that every child deserves. What is unique about what we are doing is that 100% of what you give will go to the school (no charity overheads, no flight costs or expenses, no CEO salary etc etc) and if we raise more than our target we will buy books and school materials, and if we raise considerably more, we will put the money towards another school. As Mike and I found on our visit to Kenya in July 2017, there is a lot of need and whilst the governments are putting money into

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