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Animal Heaven Animal Rescue

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Animal Heaven Animal Rescue | Helpfreely.org

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Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) was founded by Suzanne Gibbons in 1991 and she has worked in animal rescue since the age of 8. AHAR started out as a rescue for horses and ponies that were going to the slaughterhouse but very quickly it turned into a rescue for ALL unwanted animals and birds including wildlife and all cruelty cases. An average of 1,556 animals a year are rescued by AHAR, not counting an additional average of 200 goats a year (sent to AHAR from Caoilte) and between 4 and 6 hundred battery hens a year. (More info on the hens and the Caoilte goats AHAR works closely with various dog pounds Nationwide to save as many dogs as possible. A minimum of 5 volunteers is required at AHAR daily. Suzanne has about 10 people she can call on most of the time. Suzanne adores the animals in her care and they’re all brought back to full health. They are extremely well fed and are shown tones of love and affection. They also get plenty of exercise as the dogs are walked every day (weather permitting) by the volunteers. They are all vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas and neutered before re-homing. For the dogs that don’t get homed in Ireland, AHAR works with excellent UK based rescues. The reason they go this route is because the UK has strict regulations and policies. They use 9 rescues that they know extremely well for years and deal with on a personal basis which they are confident will care for the animals with love.

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Every animals life is precious and we will never turn away an animal in need. We will strive to give it the best care and veterinary treatment it needs before finding it a loving forever home how ever long that takes.

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