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The Avenues Community Association Charity

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The Avenues Community Association Charity | Helpfreely.org

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Our charity set our aims and objectives with the following in mind “Every Child Matters”. We strongly believe that no matter what background, race, sexuality, disability, or disadvantage, every child deserves support and the chance of personal development and enjoyment. Our aims are to provide subsidised activities to the youth of our community; this helping to keep youth off the streets and this in turn decreasing our local crime rate. The youth of today are the stars of our future and we want to give them every opportunity to develop their general attributes as well as enjoying socialising with others that have the same interests as them. We aim to bring diversity to our activities as this will show the young people we work with that no matter what background, religion, race etc, everyone is equal and should be treated with respect. We currently have a variety of young people benefiting from our charity projects including young people from minority groups such as; children with physical disabilities, children with behavioural difficulties. Avenues Community Association is an organisation that relies on the commitment of volunteers who consistently strive to create positive experiences for children/young people who might otherwise be at risk of being excluded due to their un-opportunities through lack of finance of their social economic backgrounds.

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Laufende Projekte

As part of our Dreams In Action project we offer lessons in dance, drama, singing, piano, guitar and drums; all taught by A-level students. Young people aged between 5 and 15 can partake in the lessons and we currently have 80 young people enrolled. The music lesson students are also given the opportunity to work towards accredited musical grades; we have one student aged 9 that has earned up to grade 4 in piano. We soon hope to offer grading for drama too. We also arrange residential weekends for our volunteers and young people apart of the project; these residentials are fun but also useful in developing skills such as: team building and confidence. Young people taking part in the performing arts lessons also work towards putting on showcases and shows all directed and produced by the young volunteers. These shows are then opened for members of the community to watch and support. When our young people are rehearsing for the show, we take them around elderly care homes to give them experience in performing, raising their confidence and also providing entertainment for the elderly in our community. We also offer other educational programmes such as dementia awareness education and anti-bullying programmes. During the summer holidays we hold musical workshops where we can allow more young people to partake in a whole week of lessons; learning guitar, piano or drums. We give our volunteers the option of enrolling in courses covering youth work, first aid, health and safety, etc

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