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Surge Activism

Surge Sanctuary

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Surge Activism | Helpfreely.org

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The Surge Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary located on an 18-acre site in the rural Midlands of England. Our mission is to offer a lifelong, no-kill, safe haven and forever home to abused and unwanted animals. History: Our journey to 18 acres… In September 2018, a small group of close friends from the animal rights organisation Surge, including vegan educator Earthling Ed, opened a non-profit vegan restaurant in London called Unity Diner. Our mission was bold and unique, but we were determined to pull it off. We wanted to open a restaurant that used the power of plants to revolutionise the publics’ perceptions surrounding vegan food, but we also wanted to generate enough funds to be able to open an animal sanctuary. Somewhere that would be a true safe haven for animals - and where they would never, ever need to worry about being exploited, abused, or killed. In late 2020, we did it. The land was bought, with several members of our team and their family also selling their own home, and relocating, ready to spend the rest of their lives caring for the animals that society rejects and exploits. If you’re here now, you’re at the very start of our journey into making our land the perfect forever home for animals rescued from abuse and neglect. We hope you follow us along the way.

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