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SongBird Survival

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SongBird Survival is an independent UK environmental bird charity that funds research into the alarming decline in Britain’s much cherished songbirds. With your support we hope to draw attention to the plight of our song and other small birds and fund research into the causes of their decline in order to help promote solutions to restore songbird numbers. Your membership and donations help to support our research programme and adds weight to our work with other organisations in hopes we can save our songbirds before it’s too late.

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SBS is funding research looking into the reasons why our songbird numbers are declining; we are trying to find out what is wrong with the natural balance; what we can do to fix it and ways we can help. Only high-quality scientific bird research, which is expensive, can offer solid solutions. We rely solely on private donations, receiving no government or EU funding. This is where you can help. We need more donations to fund both current and future research and continue the important work. If you, like us, want to protect our biodiversity for future generations then please do help now, before it's too late.

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