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Play for Change

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Play for Change | Helpfreely.org

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Play for Change is an International Sport for Development Charity with the goal to enhance life opportunities for under privileged children and to make a positive change in their communities around the world by using the powerful values of sport. The charity is dedicated to deliver high quality sports and educational programmes to create meaningful impacts and tackle inequalities by working hand-in -hand with local communities in the context of their needs. Play for Change raises funds to provide resources so children can play in safe and stimulating environments, to facilitate workshops so children learn the life skills they need for happy and healthy futures, and to support communities that are strengthened and given the tools so they can develop and thrive Since its origin, the charity has impacted over 8,000 children over three continents using several types of sport. Together with Play for Change, you can help to empower children through sport and to enable sustainable development.

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