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Hoping to raise money so that we can buy a Safety Sleeper bed for Oliver who has Angelman syndrome. The bed that is needed for Oliver is £2,995 which is a lot of money, along side the other equipment which Oliver needs for day to day life.

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Angelman syndrome is life changing for the child and their family! Due to his size and age, it has become harder for the family to do things with Oliver, this bed would mean that he can experience things like a weekend away, which most of us don't see as such a hard task. By having Angleman syndrome Oliver has trouble sleeping and it's not safe for him to be away from home, however the Safety Sleeper bed will allow him to go away for weekend holidays. His family would love to take Oliver away with them again and they deserve to be together as much as possible. This bed would literally change the lives of Oliver and his whole family.

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