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MASG Foundation

Melville Almond Stratten Grey Foundation

< Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

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We are a Charity registered with the Charity Commission on 11 February 2016. We are a charity bringing awareness of mental health issues, the same involving all members of the community not just family members. We intend to do this through information evenings, annual dinner and dance events with speakers, retreats all of which are to give knowledge and information on mental health issues and suicide prevention. We intend to distribute publications at the events we organise so people have something tangible to take away and digest. We also want to have a presence on local radio stations to try and encourage the community to talk about these issues. Mental health issues may not be seen as if you broke a bone but they are real issues which need discussions, through the Charity we want to try and address this by having people speak at each event also to show how painful it is for those left behind.

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We are currently organising a dinner and dance in Birmingham. We will be having entertainment as well as having speakers on suicide prevention and also speakers from family members/friends sharing their personal experience of a family member/friend committing suicide. We are going to end the event with a disco. we will also be having a raffle. After this event we would like to have a forum where people can attend and gather general information from professionals and again where people can share their experiences.

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