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Larches Community was created out of our deep concern for who would provide a supportive family home for our children beyond our lifetimes. People with a learning disability represent a section of the community that enjoys few privileges, who experience social discrimination and are generally undervalued and underestimated by society. Most are socially excluded, with few chances to develop their individuality or to contribute their skills to the community. While high-quality services have been developed by some organisations, there is a lack of capacity leading to insufficient opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism to take up. Our PurposeLarches Community believes in discovering, encouraging and supporting the diverse abilities, needs, wants and dreams of young people and adults with learning disabilities, within an environment of unconditional acceptance so that they may lead full and creative lives. Our Beliefs Our holistic approach respects and values each individual, celebrating different abilities, strengths, gifts and talents. Central to our ethos is the individual development of self-esteem, confidence and personal growth. Larches Community is committed to providing a person-centred service where people enjoy being part of the community in which they live. We believe that each individual should be respected and valued for their differences, abilities and strengths.

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